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Introducing Candidate Profile 2.0: Your Gateway to Exciting Opportunities in Gaming and Esports

Time has swiftly passed since we initially launched the candidate profile feature on our TEN.gg platform, marking a significant stride in our commitment to foster growth within the gaming and esports industries. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of Candidate Profile 2.0, a substantial upgrade that serves to enhance your experience and optimize your […]

TEN.gg Team
22 May 2023

The Esports-Olympics debate

The Olympics needs esports more than esports needs the Olympics. Just let that breathe for a moment. Please go back and read that again. I will wait right here. This statement has been echoed throughout the esports community for a number of years now. I’ve used it myself on multiple occasions, whether on stage at […]

Chris Kissack
15 May 2023

Why it’s important to respond to all job applicants

As the gaming and esports industry continues to grow, job opportunities in this field are also on the rise. Many companies are constantly searching for new talent to join their teams, and as a result, they receive a large number of job applications for each posting. Unfortunately, not all applicants receive a response, which can […]

TEN.gg Team
27 Apr 2023

Services: public launch

The anticipated final product of TEN is now public! Our team has launched a competitive services marketplace designed to revolutionize the interaction between service providers and businesses within the esports and gamedev industries. There are three main ways for you to utilise our newest section: 1 Look for the services you need Before making your […]

TEN.gg Team
13 Apr 2023

Back in my day – a quick trip down CS memory lane

Now that the Dust has settled on the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, I decided it would be a good shout for my next blog to be about the origins of Counter-Strike and my memories of those early days on the server. What it has resulted in is a nostalgic trip back in time. Let’s turn […]

Chris Kissack
05 Apr 2023

What makes esports an esport

“If you want to understand what ingredients it takes to create an esport, you need to go farming,” I stated on stage at an esports conference. In fact, I’ve repeated this statement at numerous conferences. It was in response to the question, “What makes esports an esport?” To clarify, when I say “farming,” I refer […]

Chris Kissack
17 Mar 2023

A new home for esports and gamedev service providers

Big news! We are soft-launching the Services section, a new home for esports and gamedev service providers.    With TEN.gg Services, providers can create and manage a page for their services, describe their offerings, add references, and become listed in a market-wide service catalog. Additionally, they gain exposure directly to their target audience.   We […]

TEN.gg Team
16 Mar 2023