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Release notes 18.09.2023

This week’s release notes include ten more novelties for you. Job searching and hiring on TEN.gg have never been more efficient. 1. Although we strongly recommend using the “via TEN” option for job applications with its powerful hiring features, nevertheless we’ve enhanced the “Apply via Email” feature for even more versatility 📧 – Before: applicants […]

TEN.gg Team
20 Sep 2023

Release notes 03.09.2023

Our devs’ fruitful work brings you another platform update. New features, speed boosts, and some UX improvements available at your disposal: Features 1. Roles and permissions > You can now grant your team members access to a specific job posting. Set up and manage under the “People with access” on a chosen job page. 2. […]

TEN.gg Team
05 Sep 2023

Release notes 21.08.2023

Our latest release is focused on the needs of employers. In this update, we have made major platform optimizations and launched a versatile role and permission framework that allows you to tailor access and responsibilities according to your company’s unique structure. The system provides the foundation for efficient teamwork by enabling you to define roles, […]

TEN.gg Team
21 Aug 2023

Release notes 25.07.2023

Here are the newest updates and features that we’ve rolled out to enhance your experience. For recruiters 1. We’ve added the ability to create custom applicants with CV uploads, together with name, email, location, cover letter, and recruiters’ notes. 2. You can now invite applicants to the platform via email, so you can directly interact […]

TEN.gg Team
27 Jul 2023

Preparation guidelines for your next interview

The decision to hire a specialist predominantly falls into the hands of the team lead, tech lead, or management of a prospective company. However, the initial interview is typically conducted with a recruiter or HR manager. Their role is to evaluate the compatibility between the company and the candidate before deciding whether to extend an […]

TEN.gg Team
13 Jul 2023

Lights, camera, game on : the rise of gaming on the silver screen

I love going to the movies, and I love watching movies based on video games. Even the video game movies that critics and most viewers call out to be pretty awful. The reason is that if they turn out to be great, you can enjoy dissecting them scene by scene and looking for Easter eggs […]

Chris Kissack
26 Jun 2023

Fireballs and fists: the unique appeal of fighting games

When it comes to thinking about fighting games, one of my earliest memories is getting my ass kicked in Street Fighter 2 by a girl. It was around 1992, and I was about 13 years old and was pretty much the champ of Street Fighter 2 in our little gang of gamers. I was the […]

Chris Kissack
15 Jun 2023