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Release notes 03.09.2023

TEN.gg TeamAuthor
05 Sep 2023

Our devs’ fruitful work brings you another platform update. New features, speed boosts, and some UX improvements available at your disposal:


1. Roles and permissions > You can now grant your team members access to a specific job posting.
Set up and manage under the “People with access” on a chosen job page.

2. Single-select screening questions: a new type where applicants can only choose one answer from a list of predefined options.

3. Applicant source question type – query applicants about how they came across the job listing or from which platform their information was collected by a recruiter.

4. Custom applicant creation > Recruiters can now fill in responses to all screening questions for a job listing when creating a custom applicant profile.

Speed boosts

1. Improved loading times for single job post across various user types. The loading speed is now about twice as fast.

2. Accelerated the loading speed of the “All applications” tab in the jobs dashboard.

UX improvements and other refinements

1. Closed jobs are now excluded from appearing in relevant jobs listings.

2. Corrected layout issues on the “All applications” page.

3. Closed jobs now remain on your Jobs Dashboard.

4. Resolved issues affecting the Jobs Dashboard layout on mobile devices.

5. Brought back the job counter in the mobile version of the Job Board.

6. Various bug fixes to improve system stability and functionality.

“We want to express our gratitude to all our users for their invaluable feedback; it greatly accelerates our platform’s improvement process.” – Devs of TEN.gg