Senior Generalist Games Programmer

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Mid-senior level
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Game Development


We are looking for an experienced generalist programmer to share all of the programming tasks with the rest of the team, including but not limited to gameplay, UI, AI, network, integration, tooling, and debugging. As a senior, the candidate would be assigned a larger proportion of architectural and pipeline tasks, as well as finding the solution to various technical challenges, and would play a significant role in making sure the team delivers the game as expected.



Day-to-day programming tasks - 60 % OF ROLE

  • Contribute to a safe, friendly and productive work environment 
  • Lead choices of technologies, tools, pipelines, code structures and methodologies, and implement their technological solutions 
  • Develop gameplay features of many kinds
  • Create UI
  • Consult and collaborate with designers and artists during interdisciplinary tasks
  • Fix bugs
  • Ensure code quality with frequent testing and peer reviewing
  • Help manage versioning system and builds
  • Help with technical support and maintenance within the team


Management and development - 20% OF ROLE

  • Participate in project planning
  • Contribute to task management, including task estimation, delivery and post-mortem
  • Help ensure code integrity and quality throughout the team
  • Research technical requirements and constraints for our projects
  • Acquire knowledge on current programming techniques and technologies
  • Continuously develop one’s skills
  • Take charge of R&D reports


2.3 Teamwork and communication - 20% OF ROLE 

  • Share knowledge and know-how with other team members
  • Understand the objectives of the art, sound and design departments
  • Participate in inter-disciplinary meetings
  • Contribute to problem solving at the studio level
  • Contribute constructive feedback and ideas about our games during development



Necessary characteristics

  • Training: University degree in programming or equivalent
  • Experience: 7+ years of game programming
  • Having worked on at least one 3D game targeting Steam, Xbox and/or PlayStation


Other requirements / knowledge

  • Experience with:
    • code architecture
    • algorithms
    • optimization
  • Deep knowledge of Unity and C#
  • Familiarity with the mathematics of video games
  • Must understand French clearly, not necessarily speak it
  • Must be comfortable with a work day that starts at 9am


Not necessary, but valuable experience

  • Experience in rendering pipelines, DOTS, procedural animation, AI or porting
  • Experience in team/project management
  • To have done game jams or personal game projects
  • Basis in game design


Intangible criteria 

  • Strong capacity for technical problem solving
  • Jack of all trades attitude with resourcefulness
  • Ability to work for the benefit of the game, not just for the code
  • Autonomous and having initiative
  • Likes to learn and to stay up to date
  • Likes teamwork and knows how to communicate
  • Organized and punctual
  • Contributes to a pleasant work environment
  • Passionate about indie games



  • We’re passionate people working on games we're proud of
  • We’re a very small team, meaning everyone has a large impact on the games
  • No crunch, but if punctual overtime must occur, it is fully compensated in time or salary
  • Planned time for skill development
  • 4 weeks of vacation a year
  • Hybrid model, with 3 days at the downtown Montreal office, and 2 days at home
  • Transparent and solid management that cares and values the long term
  • Women, men, non-binary welcome; we implement a safe space for everyone
  • A bilingual (FR/EN) work environment



  • Job Position: Generalist programmer
  • Direct manager: Producer
  • Update: 2023-11-09
  • Number of employees under his/her responsibility: 0
  • Salary: Competitive salary for an indie studio and advantages



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