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4 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProject Manager, Product Manager, Partnership Manager
$1200 / month
İstanbul, İstanbul, Türkiye
Esports1 year
Marketing professional & esports fanatic & futurist. | I create top-notch content about my passions with creativity and flair. | Esports, gaming, artificial intelligence, ai healthcare, digital marketing. Aside from extending my knowledge in a variety of disciplines such as English Literature and teaching English as a second language, I developed my career path in digital marketing and advertising. I have a passion for creating compelling B2B strategies and taking businesses forward. Since 2021, I have worked as marketing professional in multiple industries and international companies.
Business Developer
Updated: 3 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringSales, Financing officer
$2000 / month
Paris, Île-de-France, France
IT/Software development2 years
Esports2 years
I have worked around the esport environment for a while. 2 years cumulated, as a CM and Team Manager for the BESF (Belgian Esports Federation) as well as a content journalist et writer for Esports Engaged. I did some professional casting on CSGO and Valorant for a little while as I am a big fan of But I also wanted to give myself more room to learn about business and more widely, other bigger industries, I joined a worldwide IT company for around 2 years as an Account Manager and salesman.
Head of Legal
Updated: 11 days ago
10 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringData Protection Officer
$92000 / year
I am a Maltese lawyer with over 10 years of experience in the iGaming sector. I have also involved myself to a lesser degree in Esports and am the only lawyer in Malta to have academically studied video game law. I have written 3 dissertations in the area of video game law. One at the University of Malta for my Doctorate of Laws and two for my Master of Laws at Queen Mary University of London. I have worked both within law firms as well as in the capacity of "In-House Counsel". After a decade of practice I am primarily looking for a position where I can manage a legal department while also mentoring those in my charge. I have years of experience dealing with Intellectual Property Licensing matters as well as building revenue share type arrangements between parties. I have experience in registering and managing trademarks both in Malta as well as at EU level. I have three years of experience as a data protection officer within the iGaming sector and am very well versed in GDPR and data protection issues.
Esports Event Project Manager
Updated: 12 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringEvent Coordinator
$45000 / year
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Esports4 years
I have been an Esports Event Coordinator and Consultant in London, United Kingdom, where I was coordinating all sorts of Esports events (fighting games, MOBA, shooting games, Battle Royale...), organising bootcamps, and also other types of events (game launches, group gatherings and so on). I have then been a Director of Esports and Event Project Manager in Canada, where I had to make Esports, gaming, and corporate events for my companies. I am now in Paris, France, and I am a freelance Project Manager in Events. I am willing to relocate!
7 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringChief Operations Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Social Media Manager... +1 more
$4000 / month
Esports6 years
Game Development7 years
16 years of combined professional experience in Game Development and Esports industries. Started as a Programmer in Anino Games, the Philippines' first local game development company, that built a full local RPG game called Anito. A few years later, received an offer to work as the first Game Producer in Gameloft Manila studio. Was able to successfully deliver three (3) Nintendo DS porting game projects simultaneously in a short span of 8 months, managing each project with in-house developers per team composed of 2D/3D artists, programmers, testers, and designers. In the Philippines Esports industry: The first female caster/analyst/commentator for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's first official Professional League (MPL Seasons 1-6). Was part of the first talents who casted for SEA Games 2019 for titles Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends. Also casted for official tournaments and leagues of League of Legends: Wild Rift and MARVEL Super War. Also have a background in esports team management (OneSnap Esports), live broadcasting, and online tournament organization. Nominated at the Philippine Esports Awards for the following: (1) Esports Personality of the Year (2022), and (2) Positive Community Influencer of the Year (2022)
Business Development Manager
Updated: 15 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringSales, Communications and public relations
$50000 / month
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Game Development6 years
I made a career in PR and IR, switching to partner relations, sales, and growth management since my commercial enthusiasm took over. I led business development in a startup, striking a few of its life- changing deals, and moved on as a business consultant, working with emerging companies.
3 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringAny position, as long as I can learn and help the employer
$2000 / month
International Master in Sports Law at the Universitat de Lleida in Spain. Training in sports law and its legal context, legal regime of sports organizations, legal regime of professional sportsmen, legal regime of professional competitions, procedures for the resolution of disputes arising from sports organizations and legal regimes of sports competitions. Master's thesis elaborated in order to aim at the creation of regulations and regulatory bodies in the field of e-sports or esports and the comparison between the private and public approach of this sport modality. Post-graduation in Organization and Management in Professional Football, in a partnership between the Portuguese Football League and the Portuguese Catholic University. Focus on the Organization of the Professional Competitions of the Portuguese First Football League, Marketing and communication of sports clubs, legal framework and regulations of the Portuguese Football Federation, as well as, the regulations of the Portuguese First Football League. Learning Management and accounting mechanisms of sports companies, with main focus, on their growth, within a balanced and rigorous environment. Specialization in sports law. Degree in Law, with two years' experience in training at CMB Law Firm.
Project manager
Updated: 15 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringContent coordinator, EN<>RU translator, EN copywriter
$36000 / year
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
With my experience in a multilingual voice-over agency and my background in translation, proofreading, and video game localization, I believe I have the expertise to contribute to Esport community success. As a project manager, I have overseen projects that have boosted business and attracted new clients. I have experience in talent acquisition and have selected dubbing actors who fit the brief by gathering information from clients. I am skilled in balancing deadlines and organizing teams, and I have designed email marketing strategies that have driven sales and transformed short-term clients into permanent partners. With over four years of experience in translation and proofreading, including AAA titles, I have become a professional project manager and transcreation specialist. I am confident in my ability to communicate effectively with foreign clients and contractors, even through language barriers, to achieve the best results. Additionally, my writing experience in literary magazines has honed my persuasive writing skills. As someone who has always been surrounded by diverse cultures, including my recent move to Berlin and my studies in English and French linguistics, I am excited about the prospect of working in a multicultural environment. Moreover, I am a hardworking person with a sincere desire to achieve the best results in any sphere that I dive into. I approach every project with the same level of commitment and attention to detail, which has improved my multitasking skills.
Technical Support
Updated: 15 days ago
23 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringCustomer Support, Community Support, Player Support... +4 more
$3500 / month
With over two decades of experience in the technology and video game industry, I have a diverse background that spans international relations, project management, talent development, game design and administration. However, throughout my career, my passion has always been customer support. I find tremendous satisfaction in providing exceptional customer support, whether it's developing and implementing service strategies, delivering personalized technical support, or leading a customer support team. I believe that customer support is the cornerstone of any successful business, and I'm passionate about helping companies provide their customers with the best possible experience. My experience working in various positions across multiple types of organizations - from small startups to large corporations - has given me a broad range of skills and expertise. However, my love for customer support has always been the driving force behind my work.
Updated: 16 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
$2000 / month
United Kingdom
Esports5 years
Worked as an esports commentator for five years, with three years of that being full time.
Content Manager
Updated: 17 days ago
3 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProduct Manager, Senior Social Media Specialist, Head of Esports... +1 more
$2000 / month
Esports10 years
Professionally I’m a lawyer and marketing, and public relations specialist. Out of passion, I’m a gamer and design enthusiast. I've changed my career path and decided to resign from being an attorney at law since there is a growing industry that I'm so passionate about. I'm a digital native. If there is something I do not know on the Internet I will easily get to know it. Last couple of years I had an opportunity to work with such clients as Riot and Blizzard Entertainment which gave me a lot of experience in the field.
Esports Manager
Updated: 18 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringPartnerships Manager, Marketing Manager
$60000 / year
United Kingdom
Esports2 years
Esports2 years
I have been working at the largest Football Association in the world for the last 2.5 years as the Manager of Esports and Gaming. Before this I worked as Business Development Manager at an esports and gaming agency. My first roles in the working world included behind a cost manager for a business that ensured large property developers made investments that would provide significant future return.
5 years of relevant experience.
$3500 / month
Batumi, Adjara, Georgia
Worked as a Digital Producer. Released many content, which is videos for WoT Blitz and WoT PC, art assets, also released several landing pages with the team, one of them is available here: @ The Agency of Wargaming, Nov 2021 - Oct 2022 Worked as a Project manager with several teams of Data Scientists, CV developers and Software engineers on different projects, managed client's budget and reported to the client on a daily and weekly basis. Released MVP version of the app with our Computer Vision model ( @ InData Labs Jan 2020 - Sept 2021 Worked as a Project manager, Product manager. Released Android mobile app, was a PM on other projects as well. @ Bamboo Apps, Sept 2017 - Jan 2020 Worked as a Global Operations Manager, Integration Manager, Tech/Billing support specialist. The beginning of my career. For this period of time I managed to growth from support specialist to Operations Manager, held several game events with Publishing and Development teams on EU, NA, ASIA and Korea Global Maps (web meta-game with battle in WoT PC client) @ Wargaming, Feb 2011 - Jan 2017
Product Owner
Updated: 20 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProject Management, Operations, Change Function
$66000 / year
Isle of Man
IT/Software development5 years
I have extensive experience in the Life Assurance sector, having held several positions over the course of my career. Throughout my journey, I have demonstrated a high level of motivation and a strong track record of delivering results across a variety of functions. My key skills include data analysis and reporting, root cause analysis, project management, problem-solving, innovation, and tactical deliveries. I have experience driving collaboration to deliver operationally resilient solutions, managing suppliers and teams, driving continuous improvement, ensuring application security and resilience, and prioritizing work items. Throughout my career, I have been responsible for identifying areas of improvement in both processes and functionality, developing proposals for senior management and/or executive committees, and testing new functionality and returned defects. I have achieved several notable accomplishments, including creating and managing an automation team, leading system migrations, developing trade aggregation and disaggregation models, and implementing successful asset migration processes. Currently managing a highly skilled team of developers who use no-code tools to create automations for business efficiency and risk mitigation.
Project manager
Updated: 21 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProject Manager, Broadcast Director, Broadcast Assistant
$1000 / month
Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine
Esports4 years
As a Lead Broadcast replay operator, I was responsible for managing the team, recruiting and training new members, implementing creative ideas and developing efficient workflows. I was also in charge of ensuring that technical issues were promptly resolved during broadcasts, analyzing team productivity and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, I set up and maintained the necessary software and hardware for the workspace and played a key role in the production of events. I communicated effectively with clients and customers, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the esports industry. In my role, I worked with a variety of popular esports titles including PUBG, PUBG M, CS:GO, DOTA2, OverWatch, BrawlStars, Clash Royale, Free Fire, and Mobile Legends. Head of IT department Supporting client in business; Communicating and solving user problems; Troubleshooting with website client; Supporting with billing; Troubleshooting with user accounts.
Esports Manager
Updated: 23 days ago
6 years of relevant experience.
$3000 / month
Currently, I work as a Sports Director at Maincast (one of the largest CIS eSports broadcast studios). We are an authorized ESL partner for Dota 2, CS:GO, Rocket League, eSports mobile games for the next few years. In my position, I am responsible for the following aspects: •Broadcast schedule •Calendar updates •Account (partner) management in everything that relates to the calendar and scheduling •Tournament creation and organisation For the past 3 years, I have gained ample experience in the field of eSports. I have learned a lot about its ecosystem, management and tendencies. In addition, I have established a great number of contacts within the industry (tournament operators, eSports organisations, betting companies,etc). In my previous role as a Key Account Manager in Cuberten Sports Management Agency, I was responsible for organising and managing international training camps/trips of professional sports teams and athletes. I was in charge of planning and booking such aspects as: logistics (flights, transfers), accommodation, food, training facilities, etc. Furthermore, I was administrating all the processes to run smoothly on site + managing all the general/personal enquiries of team members. In total, I have organised more than 30 training camps/trips and worked with organisations like: Ukrainian Football Association Finnish Football Association Football Federation of Malta Latvian Football Association Ukrainian Rowing Federation Ukrainian Paralympic Committee Icelandic Paralympic Committee Slovenian Paralympic Committee French Underwater Federation In this role, I have gained a lot of experience in planning and monitoring processes. Also, I have learnt how to manage top teams/athletes in a fast-paced environment where every detail has to be perfect.
7 years of relevant experience.
$5000 / month
Los Angeles, California, United States
Esports8 years
I oversaw one of the largest North American esports team sponsorship groups. I've sold and managed multiple deals of $10mm+ in CPG, auto, peripherals, PC, insurance, financial services, and others. I've also managed teams of sellers and activation account managers.
Team manager
Updated: 26 days ago
13 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProject manager, Head of esports, Esports manager
$4500 / month
Mosjøen, Nordland, Norway
Esports20 years
I started my esports journey back in the early 2000's as a forum moderator for professional players, while working on my own gaming skills. In 2001 i started my first business, a internet café (one of the first in Norway). Besides from having my own business i now had access to a strong computer and internet. At the launch of Warcraft 3 i quickly became a manager/player with some of the strongest players in Norway/Europe. From this i learned that my skills were more in management/coaching and i started helping out teams/players in several titles over the coming years. In 2010 i started my first esports org and GamersLeague eSports was brought to life. In GamersLeague i was in charge of everything esports/team related and budgets. We quickly became the best team in Norway and also started performing on the international stage in Starcraft 2, Hearthstone and Dota 2. In 2011 i also got Coca-Cola Norway involved in esports and started the GamersParadise tournament league. I was in charge of this league and development for 3 years before moving on. This league is now the biggest national league and is named Telia Ligaen. In 2016 i got an opportunity to start my own esports school program and work full time with that. It quickly became the most popular program in our school and i started helping other schools get their programs going. Now i teach and advice in 2 different schools as a specialist when time allows me to. As 2019 came along i was able to launch another esports project as i created and funded SKADE with local investors. This time i set out to show people what i could build with players that others had written off. I'm a firm beliver in bringing out the best in people by providing them a great working environment, safety and structure. Now, a bit more than 3 years down the road we have our proof. We took a group of talented CSGO youngsters from unknown to top 20 in the world, won PUBG tournaments and have been to back to back world championships in Call of duty mobile.
Esports Manager
Updated: 29 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringEsports Coach (preferably best at fps games), Project/Program Manager, Content Team Manager (manage content creators)
$50000 / year
Rockville, Maryland, United States
Esports5 years
IT/Software development1 year
Over 5 years of professional level experience in managing multiple projects from Esports, Content Creation, even reaching into Health IT. I currently run HYE GAMING, a gaming organization founded about two years ago, that focuses on Esports, Content Creation, and Community Management. I have also worked for companies, such as Provoke Esports, HSK, Target, TDI, and PSN, which are most fairly notable companies within the United States and across the world.
home based translator
Updated: 30 days ago
20 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringany suitable home based jobs
$1700 / month
I am a native Hungarian speaker, English is my working language, I have an university degree in linguistics, translation and French language and literature education, I have considerable international working experience in translation from French to English, from English to French from English to Hungarian, from Hungarian to English, proofreading in Hungarian. I can provide short test translation if needed. (I translated highly confidential internal documents). I am ready to translate the website content and any other documents as well.