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Senior level designer
Updated: 12 hours ago
20 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringPrinciple level designer, Senior world builder, Principle world builder... +2 more
$150000 / year
Seattle, Washington, United States
Game Development20 years
As a Lead/Senior level designer I assist in the design of character combat, level layouts, level events, gameplay sequences, and environment art for multiple project. I also collaborate with the design leads to devise and test game mechanics, and provide troubleshooting support to other team members. Additionally, I have experience in hiring and managing design teams, optimizing levels for performance, and creating texture and lighting concepts. My goal is to deliver innovative and captivating game experiences that delight and inspire players.
VFX Artist
Updated: a day ago
8 years of relevant experience.
$4000 / month
Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom
Game Development7 years
Experienced in the realm of visual effects, I bring a wealth of skills and expertise to the table. Proficient in various VFX software and techniques, I excel in bringing creative visions to life with attention to detail and a collaborative spirit. From compositing to animation and particle effects, I am adept at navigating the entire VFX pipeline. With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to staying updated on industry trends, I am well-equipped to contribute to dynamic production teams and deliver high-quality results within tight deadlines
Senior Graphic Designer
Updated: a day ago
11 years of relevant experience.
$55000 / year
Derby, England, United Kingdom
IT/Software development11 years
Senior Graphic Design Specialist with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Loughborough University. Possessing over 6 years of professional experience, adept at managing the entire design process, from conceptualization to final delivery. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop), Microsoft Office, and web design applications (Figma, Blender, Sketchbook). Skilled in leading design teams, overseeing project budgets, and ensuring the quality and accuracy of graphic materials. Known for exceeding client expectations and driving brand growth through innovative design solutions.
Updated: 2 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
$45000 / year
Los Angeles, California, United States
Choice of Games - Beta Tester Playtest upcoming COG interactive novel games Report on any bugs or hanging passages Provide commentary and suggestions to the writer Games Beta’d: On the Run Anzir - Freelance Game Writer Conducting research on topics related to Fabletop and Role-Playing Games Craft compelling stories for players to experience either in store or through the Anzir app (in beta) Work with team to edit and optimize campaigns for launch Elite Editing - Freelance Book Reviewer Read and review books written by clients of Elite Authors as assigned by production management team. Provide honest opinions with the goal of celebrating the book and highlighting its strengths to encouraging others to try it. Ken Sherman & Associates - Intern Read, analyzed, and offered commentary on 40 screenplays, novels, and potential adaptations of all genres (i.e., western, biopics, sci-fi) Advised and made editorial recommendations Provided insight and and recommendations for next batch of interns Flawless Brown-Emerson College - Treasurer/Secretary Assisted the President in multiple production event logistics (i.e., invitation lists, scouting for models, finding locations) Took notes and minutes during board meetings Responsible for the budget and expense management/reimbursement for all five sub-organizations in the collective Voted Member of the Year for 2018-2019 by board members
Senior Concept Artist
Updated: 2 days ago
9 years of relevant experience.
$8000 / month
San Francisco, California, United States
IT/Software development8 years
My passion lies in bringing characters, environments, and props to life, particularly through cartoonish illustration styles. With a background rooted in fine arts, I have honed my skills in visual principles and attention to detail, using a variety of design tools to bring my ideas to fruition. My love for gaming and all things Star Wars fuels my creativity, inspiring fresh perspectives in every project I undertake. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to contribute to major productions, showcasing my proficiency in digital illustration and VFX pre-visualization, as well as my solid understanding of human anatomy and traditional architecture. As a proactive and collaborative team member, I take pride in delivering high-quality concept art that meets and exceeds project requirements.
Game Designer
Updated: 2 days ago
11 years of relevant experience.
$4000 / month
Texas, United States
Game Development10 years
I am a seasoned professional in game design and environment art, with extensive experience bringing virtual worlds to life. My expertise lies in utilizing top-tier 3D modeling software to create visually captivating game environments that enhance player experiences. Throughout my career, I have collaborated closely with design and engineering teams to ensure seamless gameplay and adherence to technical and aesthetic standards. My passion for detail and innovation, coupled with strong communication and organizational skills, enables me to deliver exceptional results in the dynamic realm of game development.
Graffic Designer
Updated: 3 days ago
10 years of relevant experience.
$6000 / year
Helen, Georgia, United States
IT/Software development7 years
I am Steave Parkar, a dynamic Graphic Designer and Animator known for driving growth and innovation in various projects. My focus on web design, branding, and motion graphics has led to substantial increases in organic leads and online sales revenue through my creative design strategies. With expertise in character animation and a passion for mentorship, I've played a key role in enhancing educational television programs and music videos. Proficient in a range of design tools and software, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical proficiency to every project, making me a valuable asset in the world of visual communication and design.
Senior VFX Artist
Updated: 3 days ago
16 years of relevant experience.
$120000 / year
Coral Gables, Florida, United States
Game Development7 years
As a Senior VFX Artist, I bring over a decade of experience in the gaming industry, specializing in creating stunning visual effects. My proficiency in tools like Unity, Maya, and Photoshop allows me to craft custom scripts, shaders, and texture assets, ensuring next-gen quality across various platforms. With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, I've consistently delivered high-quality VFX art and animation for characters, environments, and props. My expertise extends to 3D and 2D particle systems, shader development, and optimization techniques. I thrive in collaborative, fast-paced environments, where my strong communication skills and adaptability are assets.
Partnership Coordinator
Updated: 3 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringClient Services
$50000 / year
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I have several years of experience working in the live sports and entertainment market. My primary area of focus has been working with corporate partners to execute sponsorship agreements. This has involved sales, marketing, operations, and client servicing.
Social Media Manager
Updated: 3 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
$80000 / year
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I recently left my position as Social Media & Community Manager @ Energy Shares, LLC, which is an equity-crowdfunding platform for renewable energy projects. At Energy Shares, I worked directly with former CMO Mark Kapczynski to develop Energy Shares US' overall marketing strategy including social media and content.
Concept Artist
Updated: 4 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
$4000 / month
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Game Development5 years
I am Muhammad Ali Raza, a highly skilled Concept Artist known for my ability to create visually stunning designs across various mediums, including video games, virtual reality experiences, and animated series. With a keen eye for detail and a collaborative spirit, I have contributed to projects that have seen significant increases in pre-orders, sales, and user engagement. My expertise encompasses concept development, digital illustration, 3D modeling, character and environment design, and proficiency in industry-standard software. My dedication to continuous learning is evident through my certifications from Adobe, Autodesk, and Unity Technologies, highlighting my commitment to excellence in visual development.
Concept artist
Updated: 5 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
Also considering2d artist, Game artist
$18000 / year
I worked as a freelancer for several years, in 2021 I got a job at Pingle and worked there for 1.2 years. I was working on Rumbleverse game for Iron Galaxy Studio One of my art went in game as an ad banner. Now I am taking a course in 3D modeling.
Game Designer
Updated: 6 days ago
1 year of relevant experience.
Also consideringVideo Editor and SEO, Game Producer
$2500 / month
Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil
Graduated in Game Development at Universidade Franciscana (UFN) at the end of 2023. Previously I completed my high school education in the USA and Brazil, including a graduation with honors. Currently taking online game development courses to improve my skills. Love to work in the game area as an artist, programmer, video editor and mainly as a game designer and game producer. In addition, strong knowledge and understanding of YouTube. Use of various tools, websites and game engines such as Unity, Construct 2, Blender, LMMS and softwares of Adobe (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects). Seeking new job opportunities in the gaming area, especially full-time work in 2024, to continue improving, learning and connecting more with digital games.
Risk and Fraud analyst
Updated: 6 days ago
3 years of relevant experience.
$1800 / month
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
I have over 7 years experience in the online gaming industry, specifically in customer service as well as risk and fraud departments which my strong ability for investigation excels.
Unity developer
Updated: 7 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
$2000 / month
I worked with 2d/3d mobile games. I used ECS.
Account Manager
Updated: 7 days ago
1 year of relevant experience.
Also consideringSocial Media, Content and Marketing
$1000 / month
Esports4 years
A driven enthusiast in Esports and social media. Successfully leading the team with visionary ideas, resulting in considerable growth in a newly established Esports media in Indonesia. Adaptable, eager to take on new challenges and ideas in the Esports and/or social media industry with focus on the company's long term strategy
Production Manager
Updated: 7 days ago
9 years of relevant experience.
$1500 / month
Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Hello, my name is Giacomo, I am a detail-oriented professional ,who has been hard-working over the course of my 9-year career, finally able to pursue my passion for videogames and I’m bringing my whole package of Skills ready to be adapted and used on a new field. I planned to start as a junior QA Tester as I see more fit for someone starting in this field. This would be my first experience in the gaming business but I am certain that I have the skills to successfully do the job adeptly and perform above expectations. In the future i would like to become a Game Designer and I’m learning the basics, but i’m nurturing this passion and willing to learn everything i can. I have learned the basics of Unity, Unreal Engine and Jira Overall, I have consistently demonstrated critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving abilities in every aspect of my production manager role. I managed the production team and developed excellent organization skills. I'm fluent in english, both written and spoken. Please contact me for any questions or any suggestions you could give. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Game Developer
Updated: 9 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
$2500 / month
Game Development5 years
Skilled Unity game developer with 5 years of experience in the gaming industry. Successfully collaborated with diverse international teams, including developers and companies from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Singapore, and Pakistan. Adaptable and proactive, excelling as both a solo developer and a collaborative team player. Eager to take on new challenges and relocate to work in foreign environments.
Art Manager
Updated: 10 days ago
11 years of relevant experience.
$95000 / year
Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal
Game Development11 years
I am an experienced Lead Environment Artist specialized in guiding teams through content development and production processes. With 11+ years of experience, I bring exceptional leadership in team coordination and project management, ensuring that artistic direction aligns seamlessly with gameplay objectives and project goals. Additionally, my expertise in mentorship, workflow optimization, and proactive problem-solving fosters a collaborative and efficient team environment, crucial for successful game development.
2d artist
Updated: 10 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
$1600 / month
Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Game Development2 years
Hi) I am a professional artist, I have been working in digital art for over 5 years and for the last 2 years I have been creating art for games. I love casual styling. I create characters, props and locations for games. I love working in a team and sharing experience and ideas with colleagues to achieve the best result.