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Quality Assurance
Updated: 3 hours ago
5 years of relevant experience.
$51000 / year
Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania
Game Development5 years
I'm a Quality Assurance Specialist with 5 years worth of experience in big companies, with my main experience being in the gaming area. I am highly technical and a fast learner, and I'm looking for any QA opportunities that may arise.
Virtual Assistant
Updated: 5 hours ago
2 years of relevant experience.
$1500 / month
Good day! My name is Gem Carlo Orence. I am a licensed Chemical Engineer from the Philippines. I am expressing my intent to be your new virtual assistant. I have 2 years of working experience in customer service and as a real estate virtual assistant. Both of which, I catered to US clients. I am trained in administrative work and I can offer my analytical and critical thinking skills. In my time as a real estate virtual assistant, I've handled tasks such as cold calling, lead generation, marketing, ads posting, etc. Additionally, as a CSR in a healthcare account, I made sure proper customer service was being experienced by my clients. I believe that the skills that I have learned through my job experiences can greatly help me excel as a virtual assistant. I am very organized and accurate, while also being good at task prioritization. I can say that these factors can make me a good addition to your team. Thank you.
Software Engineering
Updated: 9 hours ago
5 years of relevant experience.
$2000 / month
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Software Development: I have 5 years of experience in software development, During this time, I've contributed to several projects. Team Collaboration: Throughout my career, I've worked collaboratively with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions. This involved effective communication, teamwork, and the ability to adapt to various project methodologies, such as Agile or Scrum. Problem Solving: I have a strong aptitude for problem-solving, which has allowed me to identify and address technical challenges efficiently. This includes debugging, optimizing code, and finding innovative solutions to complex issues.
Social Media Manager
Updated: 2 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
$36000 / year
United Kingdom
I have been involved in the esports industry for 5 years now, previously I have worked at Tundra as their Social Media Executive for their Dota 2 division. Currently I work with ESL on a freelance basis on all there Dota 2 events throughout the year. I am passionate marketing entrepreneur with drive to reach my goals.
5 years of relevant experience.
$1500 / month
Costa Rica
IT/Software development3 years
I am a great learner and motivated worker. Passionate about e-sports and the whole video game community and much more. Wanna be Dota2 pro player. I have been working in the Cx Service & Technical Support industry for about 15 years. Looking for a bold opportunity or chance at something more aligned with my likes.
Esports Data Manager
Updated: 11 days ago
a year of relevant experience.
$40000 / year
United Kingdom
Esports10 years
I’m a driven, passionate esports data manager with over 9 years of industry experience in various positions. I’m looking to further advance myself by pursuing opportunities within the esports scene. I am willing to relocate.
3D artist
Updated: 12 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
Also considering3D environment artist
$1000 / month
IT/Software development4 years
Game Development1 year
Crucial skills: Blender Zbrush rizomUV Substance Painter/Designer Unreal engine 4,5 Megascan library Modeling Retopology UV-map Baking texture cards Skills: Modeling high and low-poly hard, organic-surface in Blender Creating high-poly and sculpting in Zbrush Retopology, optimize mesh in Blender with Retopoflow Creating UV-map in Blender, RizomUV Making and baking texture cards in Substance Painter, Marmoset toolbag Assemble scene, create different shaders and landscape, work with lightning, render, create simple animation in Unreal Engine 4,5 I also create tile and trim texture. Education I took courses on creating game ready characters on Udemy and courses on environment for games. For inspiration and concept I use neural networks like Midjourney and Neural love, Leonardo AI
a year of relevant experience.
$2000 / month
Hello , I'm a third year college student will graduate after 2 years and I learn as an electrical engineer and I'm willing to learn as much as I can and I'm fast learner at work, can work as a part time job can work at weekends and by night times got expierence on advertising on platforms such as facebook , youtube , tiktok and will do any job (09:00:00AM-03:00:00PM-UNITED STATES Time on first five day of the week) (on weekend can work full time )
2D Artist
Updated: 17 days ago
5 years of relevant experience.
Also considering2D Marketing Artist
$2000 / month
Game Development5 years
My experience is about 5 years as a 2D marketing/creative artist for the gaming industry. I have such skills as: the ability to draw by hand and on a graphics tablet, artistic taste, knowledge of color theory, lighting, perspective, proportions, composition, attentive to details. I am very responsible, highly organized, active, creative, sociable, proactive and decent. I am a fast learner and absorb new information quickly. I also have leadership qualities. I am looking for a new role in a growing company that works on casual games. Drawing banners for social networks Preparation of materials for ASO: art graphics, screenshots and localization into different languages, icons. Also working on playables, banners + resizing, video assets. Sometimes it was a job of recoloring 3D characters, changing their clothes, hairstyles, emotions, poses; elements of the environment, UI. Managed a small remote team of 2 artists (resized banners), monitored compliance with plans and reported on current tasks. ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/irinairbis Portfolio: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1QwvWB6D86Zjcf5s43u2VBGNBM1s9lf5JimrWP2QvaK0/edit?usp=sharing
Community Manager
Updated: 18 days ago
8 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringSocial Media Manager, Marketing
$27525 / year
United Kingdom
Esports8 years
I have worked within the gaming and esports industry for over 7 years, gathering a range of experience and skills in Community Management, Marketing, Social Media and more. During my career, I have been a part of groundbreaking marketing and social media campaigns, assuring with game launches, product launches and more.
Partnerships Manager
Updated: 18 days ago
10 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringBusiness Development Manager
$150000 / year
San Mateo, California, United States
Esports4 years
Strategic partnerships leader with an entrepreneurial, collaborative mindset and a proven track record of building consensus and developing innovative solutions to build and scale partnership programs. Recognized for empowering colleagues and an ability to influence the right people to guide long-term successful partnerships. A self-motivated, fast and enthusiastic learner who is passionate about serving others, both customer and colleague alike. Lifelong and enthusiastic gamer and user-generated content evangelist with experience supporting gaming partnership programs. HIGHLIGHTS • Most recently led B2B SaaS livestream ad network and ad-tech platform • Built direct-to-consumer startup to $40M revenue and solidified its multi-million-dollar acquisition. • Early career in executive administration that guides an ability to connect with and influence executive leadership on key decision-making strategies
Marketing Coordinator
Updated: 19 days ago
3 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringPublic Relations Account Coordinator
$40000 / year
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Esports6 years
Experienced professional within the Marketing industry, with 3+ years working with high-profile clients such as Bungie, Maingear PCs, Slitherine, and more. Have worked and project-managed numerous instances over the years, using key analytic tools and creative maneuvers to surpass market expectations.
Esport League Ops
Updated: 20 days ago
4 years of relevant experience.
$25000 / year
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Esports4 years
I have been working freelance in esports league ops on and off for 4 years. My experience is in multiple games, including CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League and Starcraft. I have worked for multiple tournament organisers, from grassroot orgs such as Epic.Lan, to high level orgs like ESL and Promod Esports. Outside of esports I was also formerly an administrator in the banking industry, where I learned vital data processing and communication skills.
Game Designer
Updated: 21 days ago
3 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringWriter, Narrative Designer
$2000 / month
Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Game Development3 years
Enthusiastic game & narrative designer (3 years in the business), also: creative writer (10 years in the business), journalist, musician and passionate father. Three projects down, many more to go. Worked for video game studios, audio corporations, newspapers, LGBTQ+ portals, music instrument dealers and political parties. Hardwired to create, create, create.
Data Analyst
Updated: 24 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringBusiness Analyst, Research Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst
$91000 / year
Newcastle, Washington, United States
I am currently a Data Consultant looking to move into a Data Analyst (or similar) role. I have received a Certificate in Data Analytics from General Assembly, and have also been certified in Google Analytics. Additional certifications are currently ongoing - check out my portfolio link for more info! My primary proficiencies are advanced Excel, SQL, R, Python, Tableau (Desktop and Public), and PowerBI, though I'm always looking for more to learn. Most recently I completed the AI Fundamentals track in DataCamp to start diving further into areas of data science as well. I have a colorful work history, including food service, non-profit museums and science centers, education, for-profit manufacturing, and more. Due to the varied experience I've gained throughout my professional life, I've been able to hone essential life skills like communication and leadership, training others, presenting to varied audiences...the list goes on! And I believe that these varied experiences will allow me to bring a unique range of skills and perspectives to my future endeavors. My past experience as an Operations Manager in a nonprofit led to an accumulation of data-related responsibilities, and it was there that I found a love for all things data. Since I departed (on the best of terms) from the company I have been pursuing data analytics in full, through formal instruction, self-learning, and now professional work as well. Lastly, I absolutely love gaming - for a quick peek at me as a gamer, my all-time favorites are Minecraft, Grounded, Sea of Thieves, GTA V/Online, Dishonored, and Borderlands (though this list seems to keep expanding...consider GTA VI to be on there already). Hope to chat soon!
Community Gambling Manager
Updated: 25 days ago
7 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringCustomer Assistant, Ads Manager, Senior Designer
$1000 / month
I'm a professional with a lot of experience in the world of Gambling and iGaming, I know a lot about the community, the corporate world and logistics.
Updated: 25 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
$4000 / month
IT/Software development2 years
Career on the rise in the area of Information Technology, enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence / AI and Innovation, with experience in Software Development, Programming Language and Data Analysis, working in companies of Civil Construction, Retail and Services, strong ability with Banks / Financial Institutions, Means of Payments and Fintechs.
Communications Specialist
Updated: 28 days ago
a year of relevant experience.
Also consideringBrand Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Coordinator
$25000 / year
Louisiana, United States
Esports3 years
Aka “KatyRatio,” I am an esports communications professional, writer and team staff member.
12 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringProduction Manager, Live Event Production
$200000 / year
San Francisco, California, United States
Esports4 years
Develop and lead (technical and event management) strategy for services within the company for global events. Provided guidance & direction for operational excellence and efficiency to pillars including Executive Production, Event Management, Technical Production, Engineering and Design & Deployment. Responsibilities include budget management; team strategy & direction; building new internal & external relationships to drive business across Enterprise teams in order to maximize utilization & efficiency of resources; organization leadership and individual career growth of teams. Partnered directly with the office of the CEO, as well as internal & external stakeholders, to ensure risk mitigation and flawless execution across all events and engagements that Production teams oversaw while also acting as an SME for bespoke productions.
Project Manager
Updated: 28 days ago
2 years of relevant experience.
Also consideringTimeline Manager
$1000 / month
Vitoria, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil
Formally: a mechanical engineer, becoming a project manager, but always a gamer since I was a child. Passionate about e-sports, always wanted to get a career in this market, but the walk of life led me to a different path. Now, I'm trying to steer myself in this direction.