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We are SKADE, a professional Esports organization based out of Norway. SKADE owns professional teams in CS:GO, CODM, PUBG and FIFA. KIND & PASSIONATE REBELS You will never find an esports organisation with bigger hearts than SKADE! Our goal is to create effect and ROI for our sponsors and investors, and create good collaborations on the road to greatness for all parties involved. We believe in the magic of making each other good, and that our core values, high level of creativity, dedicated and skilled staff will take us all the way to the top of the esports scene. It is a fact that we deliver extremely good esports results, now we aim to be the best sponsor- and collaboration object out there as well and we want YOU to be part of our team. MISSION STATEMENT We work hard every day to bring effect to our sponsors, love to our gamers & staff, and entertainment to our fans and followers. VISION STATEMENT SKADE will be the best esports sponsor- and collaboration partner in the world and the most caring organization for the fans, gamers and staff. WE ARE SKADE Our organisation was founded late 2019 by Kim-Erik Aanes, who is a veteran in the esports scene. After multiple success stories breeding talent and being involved in numerous projects he decided to put all his experience and effort into building up his own organisation. The name SKADE comes from Norse mythology, as Skadi/Skade was the jotunn godess of winter, the mountains, skiing and hunting, and had a cult following in Helgeland where the organisation was founded. We take Skades hunt and norse traditions into the digital age with the persistance and fearlessness that Skadi brought to the Gods of Aasgard. SKADE: CORE VALUES Ambitious - Caring - Opportunistic - Creative - Adaptable CALL TO ACTION We are an elite esport organization looking for active partners that we can create effect and good times with! Contact us if you want to know how, when, what and where!


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