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Kyiv, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Year founded


Business type

Privately Held

Communications languages

English, Ukrainian

Business size

21-50 employees


Presence in socials

Esports Charts

Esports Charts


Esports Charts ( is the multi-sense big data-mining and analytical agency for esports, traditional sports, and entertainment. It is one of the largest public sources of streaming analytics in the world. The agency collects, researches, processes, and analyzes data and statistics of live tournaments, real-time in-game events, players’/teams’ performance, and even spectator reactions and emotional contexts. Esports Charts’ statistics make esports more honest and clear and helps sponsors, organizers, and viewers to find out the degree of popularity of any broadcast and esports event. Streams Charts (, the new streaming analytics platform by Esports Charts, provides a comprehensive insight into the streaming market by highlighting data for virtually all channels, streams, and games on the most popular broadcasting platforms. Streams Charts operates with a deep and extensive database encompassing virtually all channels on today’s most popular broadcasting platforms, providing unparalleled analytical capabilities. As the streaming market develops and changes, Streams Charts’ data will assist you in staying informed and prepared for complex decisions.


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