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Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland

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Public Company

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English, Polish

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101-200 employees

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11 bit studios

11 bit studios

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11 bit studios, based in Warsaw, Poland, is a multiplatform game development studio selling games worldwide. In 2010 we started with Anomaly Series, a highly acclaimed tower offense games, which received Apple Design Award and a number of other titles. The next big thing was This War of Mine, released in 2014 after two years of hard work. The cost of development were covered in first weekend after the premiere, and since then the game keeps being one of the topsellers on Steam and other distribution platforms. The games developed by 11 bit studios received a great esteem from both players and worldwide gaming media, which resulted in number of awards, including: Best of PAX, Independent Games Festival Audience Award and SXSW Matthew Crump Cultural Innovation Award, Games4Change Best Gameplay & People’s Choice Award at G4C. Our games are brought successfully to the world by 11 bit studios publishing. Now the publishing team is helping other indies publish their games. We provide know-how and piles of cash to all sick ideas for all the platforms out there, whether it's a console or a smartphone. Our team supports projects on every stage of development and our get-stuff-done department provides great visibility accross media and the biggest selling platforms spanning throughout the entire world.


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