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Esports commentary since mid-2021. An abundance of experience within the Tier-2 Counter-Strike scene. No stranger to other FPS games such as VALORANT. Packed with experience with Tier-1 and 2 teams. Based in Dublin, Ireland - wielded with an Irish passport, immediately ready for any EU travel. I am hungry to take in more work and perfect my craft.

You may have seen me on countless CCT broadcasts as a commentator, having had the pleasure of covering all regions. Not a stranger to my roots back in Asian Counter-Strike, or across the pond to the Americas - I'm ready for any flavour of Counter-Strike you throw at me. Astralis, 9INE, Endpoint, Team Spirit, HAVU - a small list of the many teams that I've casted, and I'm always looking to add your team to the mix.

I am a very flexible caster, having the ability to switch between play-by-play and colour. My extensive knowledge of Counter-Strike since 2017/2018 makes me a valuable asset in the analysis field also. My showreel provides a brilliant example.

I also do production and observing. I have done countless jobs for HUD development, and have extensive experience in vMix and OBS. Player cameras, multi-feeds and replays are not new to me and I will happily cater for simple services. Information on this can be found upon contact.

I do not have a set rate that I stick to, but if you like what you see (and hear), drop me a message - and let's make something work!




A versatile tool for your broadcast. | Counter-Strike commentary, observing and production.

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Tyler Rocamora

Dublin, Ireland
On TEN.gg since May 27, 2024
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