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Esports federations (54)

Esports federation is a group of organizations or other legal entities from the esports industry. Esports federations focus on the development and promotion of the esports industry on both national and international levels: from organizing events and developing educational programs to the official recognition of esports as a sport.
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MKEsports Alliance
The MKEsports Alliance is Wisconsin’s leading esports advocate, acting as a catalyst for collaboration and communication across the state various gaming ecosystems. This includes at Highschool, Collegiate and Professional levels, as well as for the leagues, venues and influencers.
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Esports federations
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The Bulgarian National ESports Federation was established by Bulgarian eSports clubs as a form of structured union aiming to develop and promote professional electronic sports in Bulgaria. Proud member of the International eSports Federation (IESF) since 2022.
Esports federations
A CBDEL - Confederação Brasileira de Desportos Eletrônicos, é uma Entidade Nacional Administradora do Esporte Eletrônico, pertencente ao Sistema de Desporto Nacional do Brasil, devidamente certificada. A CBDEL regulamenta, administra, organiza, promove e coordena o desporto eletrônico, par
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Esports federations
Our aim; As the manager and representative of Turkish e-sports on national and international platforms, the main responsibility of our Federation is to work for the growth of Turkish e-sports and to develop the Turkish E-Sports Federation brand. Our vision; As one of the most successful a
Esports federations
The BESF is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, religiously neutral, non-discriminatory Federation dedicated to the growth and development of the Esports/Video Gaming culture and community in The Bahamas.
Esports federations
The USeF is a not-for-profit organization with the responsibility to promote, grow and develop the quality, diversity and beauty of eSports as part of the fabric of our communities, and our day-to-day lives for now and generations to come. Most importantly to nurture, inspire and protect A
Esports federations
Federación Nacional de Deportes Electrónicos México, estamos avalados por el Comité Olímpico Internacional y por la Federación Internacional de Esports
Esports federations
Swiss Esports Federation
The Swiss Esports Federation (SESF) is an association regrouping Swiss esports organisations. It gathers all kind of esports industry and community stakeholders into a single network. Its goal is promote esports as a casual and professional competitive sporting activity. This involves ans
Esports federations
Ontario Esports Federation
OEF (Ontario Esports Federation) is a non-profit organization led by esports enthusiasts across Ontario aiming to provide a professional, competitive gaming environment for high school students. OEF empowers students to exhibit their mechanical and cognitive skills against like-minded stud
Esports federations
NZ Esports
The NZESF is a not-for-profit initiative, and has been set up with the aim of positively shaping the future of competitive gaming in NZ. Our mission is to lead, support and grow esports in New Zealand.
Esports federations
Esports Federation of India
Electronic Sports Federation of India (ESFI) is the national governing body for all esports in India with objectives to promote, encourage, organize, educate, train & regulate esports. ESFI is the Full Member of International Esports Federation (IeSF) and Asian Esports Federation (AeSF).
Esports federations
The Asian Electronic Sports Federation is the sole competent governing body of the Esports in Asia endorsed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). It has direct stakeholders such as Member Associations, Olympic and sport-related organisations, competent government organisations, academic in
Esports federations
Saudi Esports Federation
The Saudi Esports Federation is the regulating body in charge of nurturing elite gaming athletes and developing the gaming community and industry in Saudi Arabia.The Federation’s activities are categorized into two complementary streams. The first stream works to develop all levels of comp
Esports federations
Malaysia Esports Federation
Malaysia Electronic Sports Federation (MESF) is the official national esports association governing in Malaysia and is registered under the Malaysian Sports Commission.
Esports federations
Esport Danmark
We are the official Danish organization for Esport. We are a non profit organisation, working towards support, acceptance and recognition for esports in Denmark, but also in the world, through our membership of the international federation for esports IESF.
Esports federations
The Finnish Esports Federation works as the umbrella organization for Finnish competitive electronic gaming. Our mission is to improve and promote electronic sports and the activities of our members. The federation was established in December 2010 to respond to the growing need for an orga
Esports federations
eSport-Bund Deutschland
Organisierten eSport in Deutschland. Als Fachsportverband repräsentiert er bundesweit Breiten- und Spitzensportler.
Esports federations
The Luxembourg Esports Federation (LESF) is a non-profit association (association sans but lucratif) established in 2020 with the aim to promote esports in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, federate esports stakeholders and represent their collective interests towards external parties and the
Esports federations
Македонската Еспорт Федерација е непрофитна организација одговорна за еспорт натпревари и турнири. Нашата мисија е промовирање на еспортот и гејмингот, зголемување нивото на свесност, подобрување на стандардите и инспирирање идни таленти. Федерацијата моментално има 5 постојани клубо
Esports federations