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The three ways to receive job applications on TEN.gg

TEN.gg TeamAuthor
02 Feb 2023

When you create a job listing on TEN.gg, you have three different options for receiving applications. This guide will walk you through the different options and their features to help you choose the best fit for your hiring needs.

1. External application link

If you use a corporate CRM or another website for receiving applications, you can use this option. In this case, candidates will follow the link you provide and apply directly through that website.

2. Applications via email

If you prefer to receive applications directly through email, you can use this option. When a candidate presses the “Apply by email” button, they will receive your email address. You will receive the application directly in your email inbox.

3. Internal Applications or Application via TEN.gg.

With the internal application option, you can receive and review applications directly on the platform. Additionally, you can sort candidates, ask additional screening questions, or request files, such as a portfolio. You can also contact candidates directly through the platform.

By choosing the internal application option, you have all the necessary tools in one place to manage the application process efficiently. You can review, sort, and contact candidates with ease.

In conclusion, TEN.gg offers three options for receiving applications, each with its own unique features to fit your hiring needs. Whether you prefer offsite applications, email applications, or internal applications, you can be sure that you’ll receive all the necessary information from potential candidates.