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Creating or claiming your business profile on TEN.gg

TEN.gg TeamAuthor
18 Oct 2022
Creating or claiming banner

Creating a new business profile

Making a new profile for your business is incredibly simple, as our profiles work similar to the public pages you’d create for your business on LinkedIn or Facebook. As for why you should make an account, there are so many reasons that we have an entire article on all the benefits that you can read through.

You’ll first need to create an account on the platform. To make it easier, you can sign up and log it directly with your Google or LinkedIn account, or just a username and password if you wish.

Once you’re logged in, follow these steps to create a profile:

1. Go to the business catalog and click on ‘Create your business profile’ in the top left:


2. Enter your public business name. This should be your brand and how you want people to see you. If the business already has a profile on the site, it’ll appear in a dropdown menu so you can claim it. We create a a number of profiles ourselves to make it easier to get started, so don’t worry if you see your company already there:


3. On the next screen, you can start entering a few basic business details like your website and company logo:


4. On the next screen, choose which categories from our catalog apply to your business. Every category has subcategories to choose from as well, and the screen will automatically scroll down to them:


That’s it from your end. Your details will be sent to one of our team so we can verify that you’re in the right categories and so having the optimum experience on the platform. You’ll be notified when verification is complete.


Claiming an existing profile

There’s a chance that a profile for your business has already been created for your team. To claim the profile and get access to editing and other features, follow these steps:

The quickest way is to find your company’s profile on the catalog, then click on the ‘claim form’ link in the message at the top. Alternatively, if you’re trying to create a new profile and your company already exists on the site, click the name in the drop down list and you’ll then be given the option to claim the profile:


To claim, hit ‘continue’ and then enter your corporate email address on the next window. It’s important to use a corporate email address and not a personal email, as this is how the system will verify you:


Once you’ve done this, you just need to check your email for more instructions. Once that’s done, the profile is yours!


If you have any questions or issues getting your profile setup or claiming an existing profile, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

New businesses and organizations are being added all the time on the platform, so once your profile is up, verified and claimed, make sure you keep checking back in regularly to see your new potential connections!

You can also keep up to date with the esports industry and our own platform updates through our blogs.